I’m Stephanie, a twenty-something equestrian, soil enthusiast, and amateur cook.  A Tennessee native, I found my way to Tulsa, Oklahoma after graduating from the University of Tennessee-Martin.  I live with my longtime (long-suffering?) boyfriend Johnny; between us, we have two dogs, two cats, and two horses.

I love cooking, but I often struggle to find recipes and resources tailored to two people. Cooking for four was fine, except that Johnny and I rarely put aside the extra food for leftovers; we found ourselves eating two portions at every meal. This wasn’t good for our waistlines or wallets! We decided to only eat meals with two servings, but it was difficult to find recipes to serve only two. Cutting down larger recipes wasn’t always easy- what, exactly, does one do with the half a can of chicken broth leftover?

Cooking For a Couple’s purpose is to provide a resource for those looking to only cook for two. You’ll find tips, tricks, grocery lists, and menus specifically catered to just a couple servings. If you’re cooking for one, never fear- these recipes won’t leave you with a terrifying dearth of leftovers! Cooking for a couple doesn’t have to be a pain! It can be fun, rewarding, healthy, and affordable.



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